How To


Paste the Wall wallpapers are quick and easy to use, just apply the paste to the wall and add the wallpaper. A great product for both amateurs and decorators as there is no need for pasting tables or soaking.All you have to do is to cover your wall with adhesive, apply the dry wallpaper and trim to size. Much less mess and wastage, making these paste the wall wallpapers the perfect choice.


- Wall Filler
- Stanley Knife
- Scissors
- Wallpaper Paste
- Plumb Line
- Scraper
- Tape Measure
- Brush
- Sand Paper
- Smoother
- Roller Smoother


- Fill and sand any imperfections on your wall
- Clean the wall with detergent or sugar soap
- Apply the paste directly to the wall and hang your roll
- Match your first drop to your plumb line and allow for extra wallpaper for trimming
- Once applied smooth out your wallpaper and trim
- Match the pattern by sliding in to place
- For internal corners, apply your wallpaper and smooth in to the corner of your wall
- For External corners, apply and wrap around your corner, then smooth on to your wall


• What is the length of a standard roll of wallpaper?
A standard roll of wallpaper is 53cm x 10m (5.3 sqm Coverage) unless stated otherwise.

• What is the difference between the pattern 'repeat' and 'match'?
The pattern repeat measures the distance between the pattern starting & ending, whilst the pattern match provides a measurement of how offset the pattern is, in relation to the strip beside it.

• How many drops to the roll do you get?
A standard roll of patterned wallpaper will get you 3 drops to the roll, and a standard roll of plain wallpaper will get you 4 drops to the roll.

• How many rolls of wallpaper will I need to order?
We recommend using our handy online roll calculator shown on each product page. Simply enter the width & height of your wall, and we’ll calculate how many rolls you’ll need! - This includes an extra 10% for pattern matching purposes.

• Should the design on the wallpaper always come off the roll the correct way up?
Depending on how the wallpaper is manufactured and packaged, this may differ. Always unroll the wallpaper and check prior to cutting and hanging.

• Can your wallpaper be cleaned?
Not all wallpapers should be cleaned or washed in the same way, that’s why we have carefully detailed the washability factor on every paper under finish, in the product details.